Sendai Pro 135

Fire box on the right side

Height 133 cm · Width 60 cm · Depth 40 cm · Output 3 - 7 kW


Modell SENDAI PRO 135

Clean-lined and striking form. Uncompromising elegance in design. The SENDAI PRO stove impresses with its double-glazed fire box on three sides. And with its inner values: maximum energy efficiency and ultra-low emissions. Making it a stove you just can’t get enough of. Which is exactly why it is also available in different heights and with an optional heat-retaining block. Take a look here.

Highlights of the SENDAI PRO

  • Fire can be viewed from three sides
  • Easy to open from a standing position
  • With flexible, versatile shelf system
  • Available with heat-retaining block
  • Five different heights
  • Approved by the German Institute forBuilding Technology (DIBt) and individually testedfor leak tightness